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Kialbek Temishev is a PhD student at the Kyrgyz National University in Bishkek city (Kyrgyz Republic). He works as the Head of the Programme Unit at the World Food Programme in Bishkek. Mr. Temishev has a bachelors degree in Law and English Language from the Osh State University. He received his first masters degree in Policy Studies at the University of Edinburgh (Great Britain) and a second masters degree in EU and Central Asia in the International System studies, which he earned from the Institut für Europäische Politik (Germany) upon successful completion of the EU and Volkswagen Foundation funded online study program. He is writing his doctoral thesis on political development of Kyrgyzstan under the EUCACIS PhD Support Programme. His research interests include geopolitics in Central Asia, European integration, history and formation of statehood, public policy and state governance.


Curriculum vitae can be found here.

Doctoral Thesis

Topic: “Political development of Kyrgyzstan in English-American press: 2001-2012 years”

Supervisor: Dr. Nazira Momosheva


The study is a comprehensive analysis of political events in 2001-2012 in Kyrgyzstan during which the country has witnessed two coup d’états and bloody inter-ethnic conflict. The influence of these political events on the formation of statehood and nation-building in a small parliamentary republic is missing adequate analysis and public discourse. The existing analysis of above events is mostly based on Russian language media and lacks a holistic evaluation of the cause-effect dynamics in the political development of the country. Using historical research methods and qualitative comparative analysis, the study will integrate international expertise in English language media and improve comprehensive understanding of the political development of the country. Furthermore, a re-assessment and understanding of major political events in the history of formation of statehood and nation building can generate knowledge for learning and drawing practical recommendations for stability, security and development of contemporary society.


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