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Note de recherche 91, 15 octobre 2019

Resilience and Governance of the European Union, Arnaud Leconte*


This article proposes a way to end the persistent crisis in the European Union and a new European governance ensuring the resilience of the EU in the face of shocks (climatic, economic and social). The prerequisite is to deal with the fragility of over-indebtedness and moral hazard in order to create the conditions for a new governance based on the principles of solidarity, responsibility and independence. This new governance must be founded on shared efforts to converge the productivity / remuneration ratio, the trade balance and unemployment of European regions. The aim is for European solidarity to be expressed in a European social contract and a Sahelian Climate Fund where systemic risks are contained and shared at a time of climate and demographic shocks.

*Arnaud Leconte holds a Ph.D in finance and economics. His main research interests are the climate and digital economics and governance for sustainable development. He is currently Director of the Master in Global Economic Governance & Public Affairs jointly organized by the European Institute of CIFE and the School of Government of the University of Rome LUISS Guido Carli.

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