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Notes de recherche 2017




N° 60

Laurent Baechler

 Laurent Baechler CIFE Note de Recherche Istanbul

N° 59

The EU, China and the Trump effect          
George N. Tzogopoulos

 George Tzogopoulos CIFE Policy Paper

N° 57

A Purpose for Further European Unity?           
Steve Lee

 Steve Lee CIFE Policy Paper European Unity

N° 55

 Jean Claude Vérez CIFE Policy Paper

N° 52

The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence    
Miron Wolnicki and Ryszard Piasecki

N° 50

N° 49

The Risks of Trumpism     
Anna Dimitrova

N° 48

Sino-American relations under Trump       
George N. Tzogopoulos


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