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CIFE Executive Training: Europe at the crossroads

The Executive Training “Europe at the crossroads: Beyond Brexit and the EU election. What is next for Europe?” proposes an in-depth analysis of the EU policy agenda at a critical time of Brexit and newly elected institutions, while offering a practical understanding of the range of policy options for official and private agencies and business dealing with European Affairs. It invites participants to observe critically current policy responses to socio-political upheaval in the European Union. The seminar will lead them to assess the range of policy options to strengthen European legitimacy, boost governance quality, protect population’s well-being, and enhance security in European states. The seminar will rely on interactive teaching methods to stimulate critical thinking and fruitful exchanges.

Location: Nice (France)
Date: Spring 2020 (tbc)
Working language: English

Main takeaways:

  • identifying the priorities in the European strategic agenda  
  • assessing the causes and consequences of the European (dis)integration
  • measuring and comparing innovative governance options
  • analysing the range of suitable policy responses to long term issues such as climate and demographic changes affecting Europe
  • identifying sources of reliable data and participating in challenging European debates

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Training sessions:

  • Session 1: EU Strategic Agenda 2019–2024
    The objective of this section is to explore the central future challenges of the European Union from the latest events (Brexit, EU Parliament election, new EU Commission and mandate). The key phases in the future mandate of the European policymakers will be discussed to better understand how to face future long term challenges such as climate change and migration.
  • Session 2: What is next for the Political System and the Democratic Model of the European Union?
    This section is designed to give participants the means to understand how the EU may adapt its democratic participation, strategies and courses of action in the future EU mandate.
  • Session 3: Focus on EU Green Policy as a key element of the EU Strategic Agenda
    This session is designed to give participants a focus on EU Green Policy as a critical element of the EU Strategic Agenda. Learning will be accelerated thanks to interactive session. Participants will prepare data and information on one of a number of case studies before the training and will hold a short presentation for group discussion.