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Note de Policy Papers 

In its series of Policy Papers, CIFE focuses on research projects, which comply with its academic heritage, tradition, competence and interest: European integration is still a challenge for further research, as well with regard to its internal structures as a political system sui generis as to its policies; federalism is still a key to seize specific features of the EU system, and needs to be reshaped in order to apply to innovative systemic evolutions. 

Europe in the framework of international relations is a second focus CIFE will concentrate on, as well as the role of Franco-German relationship for European integration, internally and with regard to Europeanisation and globalisation.
A third Focus is laid on societal developments, concerning social, demographic, environmental aspects, prospects of sustainable development or underlying doctrines, philosophies and mentalities.
These papers are available for open Access on our Website. CIFE publishes an annual collection of the papers once a year.


latest publications:


Resilience and Governance of the European Union, Arnaud Leconte


This article proposes a way to end the persistent crisis in the European Union and a new European governance ensuring the resilience of the EU in the face of shocks (climatic, economic and social). The prerequisite is to deal with the fragility of over-indebtedness and moral hazard in order to create the conditions for a new governance based on the principles of solidarity, responsibility and independence. This new governance must be founded on shared efforts to converge the productivity / remuneration ratio, the trade balance and unemployment of European regions. The aim is for European solidarity to be expressed in a European social contract and a Sahelian Climate Fund where systemic risks are contained and shared at a time of climate and demographic shocks.

Read the Policy Paper here.


La décarbonisation de l'économie mondiale: un problème de plus en plus politique, Laurent Baechler

Read the Policy Paper - only available in French - here.


Les perspectives des relations Union Européenne - Afrique, Jean-Claude Vérez

Read the Policy Paper - only available in French - here.


Climate Change and Green Growth: Procrastination, Oxymoron and Chimeras' Theater, Jean-Marie Rousseau

Read the Policy Paper here


Changing places in the European Union, Andrew Duff

Read the Policy Paper here


Des enjeux européens relatifs à la régulation du cannabis, Mohamed Ane

Read the Policy Paper here - only available in French


Quelques suggestions pour une réforme de la Zone franc en Afrique, Désiré Avom

Read the Policy Paper here - only available in French


The 2019 European Parliament elections and the Spitzenkandidaten System: Democratic, inadequate, or obsolete?, Matthias Waechter

Read the Policy Paper here


Le déclin démographique de l'Europe à l'horizon 2050 puis 2100, Jean-Claude Vérez

Read the Policy Paper - only available in French - here


Where to now for Enlargement? Key Challenges to Western Balkans' accession into a Brexiting European Union, Florent Marciacq


Twenty years of enlargement policy have produced mixed results -and no miracle. While undergoing an unprecedented process of integration, forming very significant bonds with the European Union (EU), the countries of the Western Balkans have not seen their accession perspectives coming any closer to reality. Their inability to catch up with the EU through effective reforms and the fragmentation of the EU’s commitment to enlargement remain compelling sources of unpredictability for an already very lengthy process. While enlargement will continue to be part of the debate on the future of Europe, it should no longer be taken for granted. A concerted, strategic response to this challenge, emphasising solidarity, needs to take shape in the region itself to ensure that new momentum created in the past few years through the Berlin Process does not fade away.

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La politique migratoire du Maroc entre l'Union africaine et l'Union européenne - Le difficile pari d'un équilibre, Jean-Noel Ferrié

Read the Policy Paper - in French only - here


Russia and the EU - the helix of alienation, Susann Heinecke


Against the backdrop of the current crisis of EU-Russia relations, the paper depicts the differences that have appeared in the past years, and the distinct perceptions that determine them. As main sources of conflict, the paper specifies the diverging value systems and the competing regional integration projects of the EU and Russia. The paper concludes that the EU must look for ways to stop the helix of conflict and alienation which implies the launch of a serious and equal dialogue with Russia. 

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