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L'Europe en formation, journal of studies on European integration and federalism, deals with European integration, international rela­tions and federalism.
The journal aims at promoting studies about the environment and structures  of the political European integration politique, federalist ideas and federal polities, as well the European geopolitics of International relations.
Following the editorial line of the personalist federalism, inspired by the "global federalism" of its founder, Alexandre Marc, L'Europe en formation uses a transdisciplinary approach bringing together political philosophy, law, economics, sociology and culture.
The articles of the journal are either in English or in French.

Each issue of the journal is structured in different sections:
 Thematic studies: each issue of the journal focuses in a specific theme. The scientific articles of this section are blind-reviewed.
 Studies: this section consists of scientific articles that are not relate to the theme chosen. These articles are blind-reviewed as well.
 Opinions: this sections includes editorial, opinions and comment about contemporary European issues.
 Chronicle: from 1964 to 2016, Jean-Pierre Gouzy writed in l'Europe en formation a quarterly chronicle of European and international news, in French.

Among the recent themes of the journal are:


  • Ten years of the euro
  • Sustainable Developpement Discourses in European Countries
  • Eurosclerosis or Europeanisation ? European Integration in the 1970s
  • Alexander Marc's Thought Today
  • Euro-Mediterranean partnership: The end of a vision ?
  • Approaching Collective Violence: Methods and Perceptions
  • Federalism and the Global Financial Crisis: Impacts and Responses
  • Federalism, Democracy and Europe
  • Between Rapprochement and Alienation: The United States under the Obama administration and Europe
  • Crisis: Finances, Economics and Politics
  • Developments of the European Union after the Lisbon Treaty
  • A New Era of federalism


Jean-Jacques Rey, Belgium
Honorary Director of the National Bank of Belgium
" Every season, L'Europe en Formation arrives in my mailbox like a gift of freshness just as the previous issue is being processed in my memory. Its value for me lies in the choice of topics, often original, in the open-mindedness that always sets Europe within a global context, the way it puts me in touch with new ideas or research; I value the federalist and multi- disciplinary inspired contributions and the fact that it has a perspective that favours the long term over current topicality. Current events still get their fair share, though, thanks to the sharp pen and critical mind of Jean-Pierre Gouzy. With this periodical, CIFE affords us a welcome draft of culture."