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Same-Sex Marriage in the British Isles: A Heterogenous Legislative Process, Paul Bartholomew


Northern Ireland finally became the last part of the British Isles to implement legislation on same-sex marriage in 2020. The process of introducing legislation in the British Isles has been a rather heterogenous one and various arguments such as equality, the promotion of the institution of marriage and religion have been used to gather support. 

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Paul Bartholomeuw CIFE


L'enjeu de l'intégration éconnomique européenne, Messaoud Boudhiaf

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La lutte contre le terrorisme au Sahel: quel rôle pour l'UE?, Mamadou Camara, Moussa Khoré Traoré

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The European Green Deal: Winning the Climate Change, Gabrielle Heyvaert


The European Green New Deal unveiled in December 2019 by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is an ambitious roadmap to undertake the ecological and energy transition of the European Union. The means have to be commensurate to the stakes: achieving carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050 while seeking for economic growth and, meanwhile, being a climate champion worldwide. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the European Green Deal agenda and challenges.

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Heyvaert European Green Deal CIFE 2020


Low carbon energy transition as a driver and solution to energy poverty and injustice, Rachel Guyet


Energy poverty is a major social phenomenon in Europe, reflecting increasing inequalities. Energy transition, on the other hand, is the ongoing energy transformation process that could result in worsening existing energy poverty patterns if it fails to be framed in a fairer and more inclusive perspective. Alternative energy transition models are emerging at local levels to help address the justice principles underpinning a successful energy transition trajectory.

Policy Paper available here

Rachel Guyet CIFE Energy Poverty Injustice Research


The Western Balkans, the reform of the accession and grands débats on the Future of Europe: waiting for Godot or engaging more startegically?, Florent Marciacq


The French decision to oppose the opening of accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia in October 2019 has opened a debate on the reform of the accession process. The Western Balkans Six would be ill-advised to “wait and see” what a Deus ex machina solution Paris and other capitals will advance. What they need at this critical moment is a more strategic approach from their side, a plan of action of their own, creatively putting forth their contribution to the making of Europe and their vision of the future of Europe. Pushing for solidarity in the accession process could be just what they need to become members of a stronger Union. 

Policy Paper availbale here

Florent Marciacq CIFE


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