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Location: Shkoder (Albania)
Topic: Dynamics of city development
Date: 17 to 23 July 2019
Working language: English

Prices: 450 euros according to conditions (courses, accommodation and activities)

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request for information


Composition of the group
The group is composed of about 20 participants from various countries, half from the host country and half from foreign countries.
The course is oriented towards undergraduate students, in their second and third year university studies, but we also consider applications from graduate students and from young professionals.

In partnership with:

Sustainable Urban Planning Organization

For the first time, the Centre international de formation européenne organizes a programme in Albania. The programme will take place in SHKODER, the most touristic Region of Albania, and around, with 2 days on the Adriatic sea. The last day will be in Tirana in order to visit the capital and to facilitate the departure Experts from Albania but also from the whole Europe will teach in this program. Classes will deal with specific problems regarding all aspects of sustainable urbanisation.
Shkoder is known as the "capital" of cycling, so in order to better understand the different developed topics, bike tours will be offered as a part of the program. Each day, during the session in Shkoder District, a tour will guide candidates to different locations in the district in relation to the proposed program. Using bikes for the duration of the programme will also enable everyone to be independent. After courses, the candidates will have free time enough for their own activities and to discover the district by cycling or walking. After the first session in Shkoder, the participants will take a minibus to stay 2 days to the Adriatic sea and, finaly, the group will reach Tirana for the end of the program.
Participants will stay together in hotels . Accommodation during the session covers rooms for 6 nights, breakfast and working lunches. 

Report of the 2019's session 

Contact: Marie-France PERDIGON
Director of the Summer University Programme
All our programmes can generate ECTS Credits (European credits transfer system).