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CIFE Executive Training: Europe at the crossroads in 2019

CIFE is proud to announce the launch of its Executive Training “Europe at the crossroads in 2019: Beyond Brexit and the EU election. What is next for Europe?”

Participants in this executive training will be placed in direct contact with policy-makers of the EU to study, understand and critically look at the challenges the EU has to face in this ever-changing 21st century. With the rise of extremism in the EU, the recently concluded EU elections and changing colours of the EU parliament, new presidencies within the EU commission and Council as well as Brexit, the EU is faced with many challenges that participants will study in-depth. The lecturers will not only provide participants with a thorough understanding of the different political, judicial and economic instruments of the EU, but will also seek to address how EU policy is addressing the aforementioned challenges and adapting itself to adequately address the two main issues of this 21st century which are migration and climate change.







Main takeaways:

  • identifying the priorities in European strategic agenda  
  • assessing the causes and consequences of the European (dis)integration
  • measuring and comparing innovative governance options
  • analyzing the range of suitable policy responses to long term issues such as climate and demographic changes affecting Europe
  • identifying sources of reliable data and participating in challenging European debates

Download the flyer

Contact: communication@cife.eu


Location: Nice (France)
Date: 25 and 26 October 2019 
Working language: English

- 950€ (including the welcome dinner; with accommodation)
- 750 € (including the welcome dinner; without accommodation)

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