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Location: Athens (Greece)
Topic:  L’Union européenne et la gestion de l’espace maritime - The European Union and the management of Maritime Space
Date:  1 to 7 July 2018
Working language: French and english
ECTS credits: 4,5

Prices: 450 euros (courses, visits and accommodation)



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- Les cadres de gouvernance applicables aux mers et océans /Governance frameworks for oceans and seas
- Union européenne et frontières maritimes / European Union and sea borders
- La coopération transfrontalière / Cross-border cooperation
- La protection du milieu marin / Marine Environment  protection policy
- Énergie en mer : Droit et géopolitique / Energy at Sea: Law and Geopolitics

Please be advised that the information given may be subject to change

Composition of the group
The group is generally composed of about 20 participants from various countries.
The course is oriented towards undergraduate students, in their second and third year university studies, but we also consider applications from graduate students and from young professionals.

In partnership with:
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences
European Centre for Environmental Research and Training (EKePEK),

Report of the 2017's session in Slovenia


Contact : Marie-France PERDIGON
Directrice du Programme universitaire d'été