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Policy Papers 

In its series of Policy Papers, CIFE focuses on research projects, which comply with its academic heritage, tradition, competence and interest: European integration is still a challenge for further research, as well with regard to its internal structures as a political system sui generis as to its policies; federalism is still a key to seize specific features of the EU system, and needs to be reshaped in order to apply to innovative systemic evolutions. 

Europe in the framework of international relations is a second focus CIFE will concentrate on, as well as the role of Franco-German relationship for European integration, internally and with regard to Europeanisation and globalisation.
A third Focus is laid on societal developments, concerning social, demographic, environmental aspects, prospects of sustainable development or underlying doctrines, philosophies and mentalities.
These papers are available for open Access on our Website. CIFE publishes an annual collection of the papers once a year.




The EU, China and the Trump effect        

George N. Tzogopoulos

Tzogopoulos CIFE Research China EU US Trump


N° 58

 Ebru Turhan Policy Paper CIFE Berlin Nice EU Turkey







N° 52

The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence
Miron Wolnicki and Ryszard Piasecki

N° 49

The Risks of Trumpism        
Anna Dimitrova

N° 48

Sino-American relations under Trump       
George N. Tzogopoulos



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